Miriam Vogt's Original Art

At the beginning it all seems to be a chaos.


Miriam Vogt's Art is created through a very thorough, sensual, luscious chaos. Layer by layer she works on the canvas, colors and different mediums, conbining a diversity of elements until an inspiring new structure is formed.


Her inspirations, on one side, come from the materials and colors in her hands; on the other side, Miriam Vogt is also inspired by words, stories, motivations around her. On her art courses, she also shares the very approach with her students, that is not to picture a clear theme beforehand, instead, to feel and finally see your theme during the activity of painting.

For Miriam Vogt, painting is divided into two sides: one is the precise observation of and learning from the masterpieces, and to ponder on the question "how is it done?". The other is to let the inner impules and emotions to lead her to create her pieces. 


Miriam Vogt paints with pure color pigments and some certain medium. She retouches the colors to prevent them from having the same consistency,but to generate differentiation and vivification in them. The experiments include a variety of materials, drawing and printing techniques.