Miriam Vogt's paintings are shown in solo and group exhibitions since the beginning of the this centry. In 2010, her artworks were shown in the gallery in Martin Keller (Adligenswil, Switzerland) and in the gallery in Zöpfli (Lucerne, Switzerland).

Miriam Vogt's Abstract Art Exhibition


Galerie für Erdkunst

Alleestrasse 64

CH-8590 Romanshorn



Exhibition in Heiligenberg, Germany

15.Feb.2014 - 28.March.2014


AllerArt Kunst&Werk

Am Sennhof, 88633 Heiligenberg


Exhibition - „The People and the Places“

Exhibition in City Council of Lüdinghausen (Old Building)

Borg 2

D - 59348 Lüdinghausen



22.August -26.Semptember 2012

„Art Exhibition in Children Help Office in Bethlehem“   April - May 2012

Kinderhilfe Bethlehem (Children Help in Bethlehem)

Winkelriedstrasse 36, CH - 6002 Lucerne


Miriam Vogt will present on April 19. 2012 at 18:00.

Gallery in Zöpfli, Lucerne, Juni 30-July 30.2011

"Life from the Ashes“ - Easter Exhibition

Art Exhibition at St. Martin Keller

March 21 - April 5, 2010

Cultural Association St.Martinskeller, CH - 6043 Adligenswil (Lucerne, Switzerland)


The artworks, which combined a part with sand and ash, fit very well to early spring. Some pieces show the color as nature after snow melts, the others tell the colors of the nearby spring. Miriam Vogt lives and works in Adligenswil.